Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Vamos a jugar / We are going to play

At the beginning levels, it is really hard for students to express themselves in Spanish.  I have found that if I can anticipate students' communicative needs, that I can help them to be more successful in a given context.

The following words and phrases were put onto a poster and used during different games in the classroom.  I have noticed that if you can make the use of a given word in the TL fun to say or connected to an emotional experience, that students begin to say the words even when they do not have to.  For example, showing students a YouTube video that shows the commentator or the fans at a soccer games yelling Gol.
¡Vamos a jugar!
Empieza. – Start.
Para. – Stop.
Te toca. – Your turn.
Otra vez. – Again.
Uno más. – One more.
Punto(s) – Points
Equipo – Team
Los ganadores – Winners
Los perdedores – Losers
¡Gol! – Goal!
¡Olé, olé, olé, olé!
Un aplauso - Applause
Somos número uno. – We’re number one.
¡Vámanos! – Let’s go!
¡Ganamos! – We win!
Tramposo(a) – Cheater
Mentiroso(a) – Liar
No es justo. – It’s not fair.
Ciudado. – Careful.
¿Por qué? – Why? 

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