Saturday, November 29, 2014

Seating Chart Changes

As a public school teacher, I liked to change my students seating assignments often.  There were multiple benefits including that students got to meet and interact with more students, but the main reason I did it was for classroom management purposes.  I felt that it kept students on their toes to a certain extent.  However, I did not like to take class time to organize new seats, so as students walked into this classroom I had the following image projected on the board:

Front of the Classroom
This template was saved to a PowerPoint document, and I filled it in with the first names or students.  This was an investment of time, but I felt that it was a really easy way for students to organize themselves.  They did it before class started, and the days of new seating arrangements were generally quieter than others.

Instead of having "Front of the Classroom" you could make images that represented generalizeable items such as "Escritorio de la maestra" (teacher's desk), televisor (television), ventana (window), etc.

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